Snowden-Pencer™ Laparoscopic Instruments

Snowden-Pencer™ laparoscopic instruments from BD are among the most advanced surgical instruments available today.

For more than 50 years, Snowden-Pencer instruments have offered exceptional levels of performance and longevity. We were the first instrument company to introduce the tungsten carbide insert and continue to be a leader in advancing laparoscopic instrument design.

Our instruments are designed in collaboration with leading surgeons around the world. Our research and development engineers apply specialized knowledge and skills to incorporate surgeon needs and ideas into unique, innovative surgical instruments.

Think Blue
Get a grip on the next generation Snowden-Pencer laparoscopic surgical instruments:

  • Ergonomic handle designs
  • Flexible gripping positions
  • Designed with surgeon-researched enhancements

When you want comfort, versatility and durability, think of the ergonomic blue-handled instruments from Snowden-Pencer instrumentation. Plus, your instrument investment is protected by a three-year service warranty and a lifetime warranty against manufacturer defects.

Ergonomic ring-handle instruments: single piece

Designed with surgeon-researched enhancements, our ergonomic ring handled instruments offer comfort, versatility and durability.

Ergonomic ring-handle instruments: take-apart

Our versatile, ergonomic take-apart laparoscopic surgery instruments offer hand comfort, performance precision and visual inspection during cleaning.

Ergonomic in-line and pistol-grip instruments

Our ergonomic in-line and pistol-grip surgical instruments flexibly allow multiple grips during procedures. The instruments are available in a variety of jaw patterns, including needle-holders, clamps, dissectors, and graspers.

Ergonomic reposable laparoscopic scissors

Reposable scissors with reusable handles and disposable scissor tips help provide superior cutting performance.

Traditional Snowden-Pencer™ instruments

Snowden-Pencer offers a large selection of traditional laparoscopic instruments, including articulating graspers and retractors

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Think Blue

Think Blue

When you want comfort, think of the blue-handled instruments from Snowden-Pencer™

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